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We bought our first Cavalier, Blenheim bitch BESSY for a pet. Click for pedigree.
(First picture)

We decided to buy another, male this time. After long search we chose famous Kennel Stonehill's, and bought Tricolour X-Tra EDITION Max. Click for pedigree.
(Second picture)

From the same kennel we bought another bitch Tricolour CHRISTMAS SCARLET, and she developed to a really beautiful and succesful bitch. Click for pedigree.
(Third picture)

We registered our own kennel and these wonderfull dogs became part of our lives and they live beside us in our house.

From German Kennel Rosebury&Hohenzollernfeste we bought a female Black and Tan ZULU MAGIC! Click for pedigree.
(Fourth picture)

From U.K., LORANKA'S CAVALIERS we got beautifull PETER PIPER. Click for pedigree.
(Fifth picture)

From our litter (mother Scarlet, father Peter Piper), we are keeping LORD of the MANOR's STELLA! Click for pedigree.
(Sixth picture)

Of course, we are keeping also our Ruby Imagine! Click for pedigree.
(Seventh picture)

Thanks to Mrs Gunilla Kuehni-Stenberg, we bought: STONEHILL's BEAUTY of NORWAY. Click for pedigree.
(Eight picture)

From litter 31.05.2009. we kept Nicca and Nioba! Click for pedigree.
(Nioba, ninth picture, Nicca, tenth picture)

Our new male Lord of the Manor's Comet (Mishko) - picture 11. and 12. Comet's pedigree.
:"Mishko" now has a mating licence. All health checks passed. 18.01.2012. Clear heart, Patellae tested.
DNA tests: Episodic falling-clear; Curly coat / Dry eye-clear.

When we have puppies, we are selling them only to true dog, especially Cavalier lovers, who will give them a warm home in their familly.

Photos shows only our dogs, and are made by Sanda and Albert Madile.

Max is available as a studdog.

And Peter Piper got his mating licence.

Our Black and Tan bitch Nera gave us six beautifull puppies: three Black and Tan boys and two Black and Tan and one Ruby girl! Thea are really special! Thanks to the owners of Nasty Nightmare von den Donauhunden, familly Trčak from Maribor, Slovenia.

Dogs from our litters became very succesfull on the shows. Congratulations to their new owners!

Informations about new litter You can get by e-mail!

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